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Little Fox Music Box


A well animated and engaging app which cleverly uses well known rhymes.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Ages: 6 Months to 6 Years

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Little Fox Music Box is a sing-along songbook app with more than 100 interactive elements. It contains 3 popular songs, London Bridge, Evening Song , Old Mac Donald had a farm, and the little fox music studio (in the tree house) where you can record your own. There is even a karaoke mode where children can sing the words as they are highlighted – they can record themselves in this mode.

Each song is well animated and there are lots of fun interactions within each scene

What our testers said

The graphics were lovely – charming and quirky and with lots to tap on to get a character to react – Mum of a 6 year old girl

“Hehe, look the car went in the water” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

A well animated and engaging app which cleverly uses well known rhymes. We loved the animations which went along with each song – there was so much for the children to click on! The children really liked the element of ‘fun’ in these interactions and delighted when things went wrong (like the dog nearly falling in the river!)
Hearing, learning and reciting nursery rhymes is a valuable skill whether to help toddlers learn to talk or develop confidence, memory and language skills in older children. These skills are clearly promoted within this app. Young children can just listen and interact with the scenes – as they get older they can join in; eventually they can record themselves and create their own compositions.
The studio mode is great for encouraging children to experiment with sounds and rhythm when creating their own masterpieces. Children really like hearing and sharing things they have created and this app allowed them to do this throughout.

Skills developed

– Encourages children to use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs a

– Allow children to experiment with, create, select and combine sounds

– Encourages children to join in with well known rhymes