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Lock Blox


Lock Blox is a fidget blocks building set with 96 pieces that connect, twist, and slide with 8 different peg-and-groove configurations designed for children to create and build 3D structures or simply fidget and tinker with.

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Connect, twist and slide these fun fidget blocks together! 8 different peg-and-groove configurations glide smoothly, turn easily, and hold snugly. Build robots, castles, letter forms and numbers — or just fiddle with them. A handful of blocks will keep fidgety fingers occupied for hours. Made in USA.

What our testers said

“These are really cool! I’ve never seen this toy” – Boy aged 5

“I made this llama all by myself” Girl aged 7

What our experts think

It was fantastic to witness our testers create 3D block designs and then use their objects to calm their minds, occupy their hands, and express their creative thinking. The children could easily start with simple builds creating their own fun fidgets or figures. This quickly elevated to learning to create more complex and imaginative items that they included in pretend play with peers and family.

Lock Blox sparks innovation and encourages open-ended, repeat play. It can be utilized as a self-regulation tool while also promoting fine motor development, visual perceptual skills, and imaginative play. Lock Blox was not only fun for the kids, but became something the whole family enjoyed.

Skills developed

– Promotes fine motor skills and increased finger strength

– Supports visual Perceptual skills

– Enables creativity and imaginative-play