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Magnetic Words & Board Reception Year


Children will love learning essential vocabulary & writing skills whilst playing with this set of 45 magnetic first words

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Fun to learn and write out the 45 High Frequency words taught in the Reception year and included in the National Literacy Strategy for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Chunky pieces: easy for little fingers to grip. Letter practice guide on reverse. Learn Words, make sentences, practice writing for class, at home or travel Much more fun than spelling lists Double sided magnet board for reading, writing and storage Children will love learning essential vocabulary & writing skills whilst playing with this set of 45 magnetic first words Activity Ideas: Place the word tiles upside down and take turns to pick a piece up and read the word. Use word tiles to make up a sentence and draw a picture for it underneath. Jumble up a sentence and try to put it back into the correct order Bingo. Give out 10 tiles to each player. One person calls out the words at random (use this pack as a guide). Each time a player has their word called they put it aside. The winner is the first to have all their words called. Hangman: Use the word tiles to choose the word and trace over the letter on the letter guide on each guess. Storymaker: pick out 3 or more words and tell a story including these words. Also available: Magnetic Words for Years 1-2 and Years 3-4

Additional information

Weight0.271 kg
Dimensions200 × 5 × 320 mm

What our testers said

“I am going to write a sentence” Girl aged 4

“I could use ‘the’ instead of the ‘I’ Girl aged 4

What our experts think

The Magnetic Words – Reception Year set is a fantastic yet simple way for children to practice high frequency words. With a variety of games to play, they can practice individual words as well as putting words together to form sentences. They can do this using the magnetic pieces first and then using the white board write out the sentence, helping children also practice handwriting and spelling. The children enjoyed playing the games and activities included in the set, and also coming up with stories using the magnetic pieces.

Skills developed

-Develops literacy

-Encourages learning to read/write

– Encourages story telling

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