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Incredibly engaging and interactive dolls-house app – find something new every time you try it!




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 2-8 Years

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A fabulously, engaging and interactive app that acts like a virtual dolls house.
An incredible quantity of features of this house are interactive: open doors, feed the family cakes, pour a bowl of cereal and milk, put the rubbish in the bin, open the curtains, put on a CD, blow bubbles, turn on and off the lights and far, far more.

The free version includes the kitchen and living room with the paid version including a range of additional rooms: bathroom, bedroom and garden.

What our experts think

No other dolls-house apps we’ve seen so far come close to provide the level of interactivity and engagement of this app. It’s sufficiently simple for a 2 year old to enjoy and has enough functionality that it could still be used as a virtual dolls house for a 7 year old. We believe strongly in the importance of imaginative play to child development making this a powerful app and one we particularly love (although do encourage your children to engage in imaginative play away from a screen too).


It would be even better if…

There were natural breaks included after a certain period of play to encourage the children to stop playing!

What our testers said

“It’s really funny how they sit on the chair” – Girl aged 4

“It gets darker” (when he closes the curtains) – Boy aged 2.5

Skills developed

  • Inspires hours of imaginative play
  • Encourages exploration and trial & error
  • Helps to develop dexterity for younger players

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