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Night Zookeeper


“Night Zookeeper is a great online learning tool for schools, which helps to inspire creative writing, reading and drawing skills in children!




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Ages: 5-11 Years

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Night Zookeeper is an online learning tool for schools that, in particular, encourages creative writing. Within the online world of the night zoo, at home or at school, children are encouraged to create magical creatures as well as read and write their own stories. The tool can be purchased for one or more classes in school. The class progress is easy to manage by the class teacher and each student is able to logon via the web from anywhere – at home or in class.

Steered by the teacher, the game encourages children to complete creative writing challenges targeted at their age group, providing sufficient prompt to inspire but leaving endless scope for the child’s imagination. Their skills are developed in line with their age such as by requiring a minimum number of words, use of specific words etc and the additional features (community, sharing, gameplay, drawing etc) continue to motivate them.

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What our testers said

“I like drawing characters and writing about them using all my imagination” – Girl, Year 6

“I love the battles and collecting all the good animals” – Boy, Year 6

“It’s interesting looking around the room when they are playing Night Zookeeper in class, you can see lots of writing screens up – it certainly seems to encourage them to concentrate on writing even the more reluctant ones” – Teacher, Year 6

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