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Numberblocks Number Fun


Electronic Numberblocks game that makes learning numbers and mathematics fun for young children!
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Numberblocks helps children to see how numbers work and allows them to master a new key maths skill with every adventure.
Join the Numberblock with 8 fun activities :-
Meet the Numberblocks (1-10) insert a numberblock and find out some fun number facts
Let’s play hide and seek! Find the correct numberblock and insert into the cube
Numberblocks Adventure, can you help us count, put the Numberblocks in the cube in the correct order
Which Numberblock is Missing – A Numberblock has gone to play with Big Tum! Do you know which one?
Number Magic, add 1 to any Numberblock to make a number
Number Magic, One less, take 1 block away from any Numberblock up to 10. Which Numberblock is left?
Blast Off – Help Numberblock 10 blast off by counting backwards from 10 to 1
Let’s meet Blockzilla: Which Numberblocks is bigger or smaller?

What our testers said

“I like it when they sing.” Girl aged 3.

“I know number 7 has 7 colours.” Boy aged 4.

What our experts think

Numberblocks Number Fun is a colourful and enticing electronic game that makes learning numbers enjoyable for young children. Children loved finding the numbers and posting them through the letter box. They engaged with well-known characters including Big Tum and Blockzilla. There are various games that can be played from finding and ordering numbers to adding and subtracting or finding the missing number.

Numberblocks number Fun helps develop children’s numeracy skills by making number recognition and counting fun. It also promotes early mathematics with games involving addition and subtraction. It builds on children’s ability to listen and follow instructions as they follow the number blocks directions.

Skills developed

– Develops numeracy skills with number recognition and counting

– Supports Maths with addition and subtraction games

– Builds on children’s ability to follow instructions