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Tangram for Osmo


Children manipulate the puzzle pieces until you complete the design.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Ages: 5-11 Years

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Tangram for Osmo, is based on an ancient geometric puzzle using seven wooden pieces, all with different shapes and colours. The app works with the Osmo product. It displays the outlines of a puzzle you must recreate using the pieces. At the easier levels, as you place one correctly, the app fills in the puzzle onscreen with the appropriate colour. If you get stuck, you can ask Tangram for a hint. There are more the 2,400 puzzle combinations. So plenty to keep children (and adults!) entertained for hours.

What our experts think

Such a fabulous version of a classic game. This app had children from age 6 to adult hooked! The level of difficulty grows as you play providing instant feedback and help at the easier levels, suitable for a 6 year old, through to no support until it confirms you got it right on the hardest level (taxing for any adult!).
Osmo’s Tangram challenges cognitive skills stretching a child’s recognition of shape and logical thinking. The instant feedback available through the Osmo product makes this classic game more accessible to a wider range of ages and abilities, ensuring it is challenging rather than frustrating.


It would be even better if…

We had a few difficulties initially getting started – the key is to remove your hand from the play area when you place a piece so it has a chance to recognise what you have placed. A few more instructions to make this clearer and help new users would be a help.

What our testers said

“You have to match the shapes. It really makes you think” – Girl aged 11

“I would say from my brain, that this one definitely goes here – yes we are correct!” – Boy aged 10

Skills developed

  • Encourages cognitive skills
  • Stretches child to use and understand shapes
  • Requires logical thinking

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