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Peekaboo Park!


‘Peekaboo! Who are you? Tweet, tweet! I’m a friendly bird!’

Age: 12 months +

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‘Peekaboo! Who are you? Tweet, tweet! I’m a friendly bird!’

With colourful, friendly animals behind each gatefold flap, these delightfully chunky little board books from Campbell are designed to stimulate and entertain even the youngest of babies. Older babies will enjoy lifting the flaps and making the animal noises… and all babies will love peeping at themselves in the mirror at the end!

What our experts think

Children will probably already have played Peekaboo, so they will like the familiarity of Peekaboo Park. The repetitive phrase of “Peekaboo! Who are you?” helps children associate the written words with the words spoken aloud. The big flaps are easy for small hands to open, and encourages young children to interact with the book, helping to get them interested in reading at an early age. They can also learn the names and noises of the hidden animals. The mirror helps babies learn self-identity, recognising that they are the person they can see in the mirror.