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Penguin Math Balance


The Penguin Math Balance is an educational math toy that offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn about weight, size, addition, and subtraction.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Math Scale Toy: Keep this friendly penguin balanced and learn to count and measure weight along the way!
38-Piece Set: Includes 1 penguin scale with 2 balancing trays, 1 storage container with 1 lid, 30 sea creature weights, and 3 playbooks.
Playbooks Included: Comes with 3 playbooks, filled with educational play ideas, at different developmental levels.
STEM Skills: Get a hands-on lesson on weight, size, addition, and subtraction!
Age Recommendation: This scale toy is recommended for kids aged 3 years +.

Heavy, light, big, small—learn these concepts with Battat Education’s Penguin Math Balance and have a ball! This math scale toy comes with 30 sea creature friends to weigh: 19 small fish, 9 big fish, and a squid and starfish with mystery weights. Place them on the friendly penguin’s trays and keep it balanced! This balance toy is a great tool for practicing basic math skills, like addition and subtraction, and for introducing the concepts of weight and size to your kiddo. Not to mention, your little one will be exercising their problem-solving skills as they find creative ways to keep the scale balanced! There are 3 playbooks at different developmental levels included for a guided playtime—each one has specific learning goals with related educational activities. Plus, this math toy also comes with storage built in: store the weights under the penguin and playbooks behind it! Made of worry-free and durable materials, all Battat Education products meet or exceed EU, U. S. and Canadian safety standards.

What our testers said

“Now they weigh the same.” – Boy aged 7

“The squid is heavier than #3 Fish. Let’s add one little fish to see if it balances.” – Girl aged 8


What our experts think

Our testers enjoyed playing and learning with the Penguin Math Balance. Both children and their parents enjoyed using the scale, sea life figurine-weights, and learning guide materials. They learned to use a scale, count, add, and subtract in a fun and playful manner. Their curiosity about weight and balance was sparked and repeat play was high for children 3-to-8-years of age. Parents really appreciate the guidance in the learning booklets and the design of the toy. The design, content, and function lend to repeat play and easy storage. The children intuitively start to explore using the sea creatures on the scale almost immediately. They clearly enjoyed each phase of playing with the penguin scale. The testers were fully engaged from unpacking the materials through repeat play and use of the scaffolded math challenge booklets with their parents or older siblings. The Penguin Math Balance fosters pre-math and math skills, fine motor/perceptual skills, curiosity, and language (as it relates to math, science, and sharing what they learned with their playmates). 

Skills developed

– Encourages cognition development

– Supports fine motor skills

– Develops numeracy skills 



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