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Pixicade Pets


PIxicade Pets is a digital pet creation set that enables children to draw their own pets on paper, then bring their pets to life in the Pixicade Pets mobile app.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+

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Pixicade Pets is an innovative and accessible STEAM kit that allows children to create virtual pets and their universe! Each kit comes with 2 QR codes to access the app, 8 vibrant washable markers, an easy grip pencil, 37 fun color stickers, and an educational Learn to Draw Pets book. The revolutionary technology allows one to design magical and mythical creatures, their personalities, and worlds on paper and then interact with them on a hand-held device. People must nurture and care for their pets to help them flourish. This pioneering pet design system provides an open ended and unique play experience powered by imagination! It’s easy to create a pet! First, you draw your creature & its egg; snap a picture of your work in the app which comes alive on your device in 30 seconds; and then play, care, and interact with your creations in the Pet Universe! The app allows kids to problem solve so that the player can evolve. Kids develop meaningful relationships with their beloved pets. As children design toys, accessories, foods, and home goods for their new friends while they explore, they get to play more! This friendly universe encourages kids to be adventurous, nurtures creativity while building confidence in their artistic skills, and is gender neutral while being inclusive.

What our testers said

“Dad check this out. I drew  rainbow dragon and now I can play with him in this game” – Boy aged 8

“Look, I swipe the ball and he chases it!” – Boy aged 7

What our experts think

Our testers loved using this product to learn to draw realistic to mystical animals and to use the mobile app that takes their hand-drawn pets, treats, toys, and house and turns them into an interactive game. Creating their pet, assigning them their personality, and drawing their favourite treat and toy was only the start of the fun. They had complete creative control to imagine and then draw their pets how they wanted, including creating the “egg” from which they would hatch and the exterior of their home. The pets are interactive and give feedback based on a child’s behaviour towards them. How a child plays with and feeds the pet can either increase or decrease their level of friendship, a pet’s happiness, and hunger level. This STEAM product combines technology with arts in a truly unique and exciting way. The product helps develop creative thinking, fosters the notion of taking care of a living thing, and develops design and technology skills.

Skills developed

– Develops imagination and creativity

– Encourages caring for living things 

Supports design and technology