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Roly-Poly Toys


Colourful and interactive characters to engage babies as they rock back and forth.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 6-18 months

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3 fabric covered rocking toys that sway from side to side without rolling out of baby’s reach.
With different textures for sensory play and a jingle bell in each toy.
From Galt, these cute characters provide a fun introduction to fruit and vegetables for a very young child.
Soft, safe and sponge clean.
Packed in a reusable storage bag.


Additional information

Weight0.77 kg
Dimensions330 × 100 × 160 mm

What our testers said

“Good sensory toys for babies.” – Observer

“Whey!” – Girl aged 17 months 

What our experts think

Roly Poly toys engage baby’s attention by wobbling about and making fun jingle sounds. They are soft and tactile and ideal for exploring with hands and mouth, which stimulates the connections in baby’s brain. They are also introduced to cause and effect logic as they knock it and create a sound. 

We find it engages babies best when an adult models how it works, by first wobbling about for baby to watch. This makes it a great toy for bonding and catching baby’s attention during tummy time. Toys like this that encourage them to reach out and interact are great during this important time for developing core muscle strength. 

Skills developed

– Great for engaging baby during tummy time 

– Introduces baby to cause and effect 

– Provides sensory stimulation

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