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Science Mad 5-in1 Weather Station


Measure weather conditions like a true meteorologist with this outdoor weather station.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 6-8 years

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We experience the weather each day as we step outside of our homes, feeling if it’s warm or cold, windy or calm, and dry or raining. The weather station is easy to set up so you can track daily conditions, run experiments, record measurements and learn wonderful weather-related facts. You’ll soon notice how your readings change throughout the year.
• This 5-in-1 weather station includes a 3-cup anemometer that spins to measure the wind speed in either miles or kilometres per hour.
• An indicator points to where the wind is coming from, and when used with the integral compass, allows you to keep a record of the wind direction.
• The thermometer measures temperature in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.
• Finally, a pull-out rain gauge allows you to measure the inches or millimetres of rainfall over a particular period.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 150 × 110 × 245 mm

What our testers said

“It says it’s 30 degrees Mummy! That’s hot!” – Girl aged 7

“We might need a hurricane to measure the wind!” – Boy aged 9

What our experts think

The Weather Station provides children with scientific learning opportunities from home, encouraging them to record and observe measurements of temperature, rain and wind. It feels robust and is a good size for the garden, without being too intrusive. 

Allowing children to experiment with their own equipment to observe their surroundings empowers them to take leadership of their learning, encouraging an interest in the outdoors and concepts in science and geography. While our testers did find that large gusts of wind were needed to make the wind meter spin, they found it helpful to place the meter higher off the ground to get a better a chance of reading the wind speed.

Skills developed

– Develops knowledge and interest in the outdoors, weather and nature

– Encourages observation skills

– Teaches children about measurement

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