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Science Mad AR Discovery Mini Globe


Discover the wonders of the world with this interactive mini globe

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+

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Explore the wonders of our world with the Science Mad AR Mini Globe. This interactive globe provides a detailed view of major countries, continents, and oceans. It also reveals:

  • The Earth’s inner core
  • Climate zones
  • Magnetic fields

The Science Mad AR Mini Globe offers a fascinating look at the unseen features that shape our daily lives. With a total height of 15cm and a globe diameter of 9cm, it’s a perfect educational tool for young explorers.

Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“Wow is that really the inside of the earth? That’s so cool” – Boy, aged 7

“I like the way the planets move, I didn’t know they went round us like that” – Girl, aged 6

What our experts think

The Discovery mini globe allows your child to discover the wonders of the world. Using the power of Augmented Reality our impressive planet will be brought to life in vivid detail, including the inner core structure of the Earth, its countries, continents and oceans!

Our testers needed adult help to connect the AR to the iPad but were very interested and engaged in the idea of bringing Earth to life. They were surprised to find that the countries floated in space as you moved over them, but realised that if you click on one it will show you interesting facts such as what animals live there. There are various interactive educational activities and games that will teach you about magnetic fields, global temperatures, our solar system and more. This Discovery Globe promotes science skills, develops geographical knowledge and teaches about the world around us.

Skills developed

– Promotes Science skills

– Develops geographical knowledge

– Teaches children about the world around them

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