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Science Mad Light Up Globe


Battery operated, light up globe. Fantastic tool for developing children’s geography knowledge

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6-8 years old

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And you’re off…exploring the world!
The planet earth really is astonishing. It’s difficult to imagine the vast distances between neighbouring continents, the wide oceans and seas that cover over 70% of its surface, and the near 200 countries that exist around the world.

This 20cm diameter globe is a miniature model of our huge planet at your finger-tips, giving you access to continents, oceans, countries and major cities. It’s a useful introduction to the fascinating science of geography, as well as being a convenient desktop reference.

The globe is mounted on a tilted arc stand, to represent the earth’s angle in relation to its plane of orbit, helping to visualise how the seasons change through the year. The battery powered light allows you to see the various countries in brightly coloured blocks, with clear political boundaries.
It looks especially magical as a soft glow bedside light!

What our testers said

“I found New Zealand and United Kingdom” – Boy aged 6

“Oh wow, it lights up. I can see really clearly” – Girl  aged 7

What our experts think

A lovely sized battery-operated globe bringing our huge planet to yours and your children’s fingertips. Our testers young and old loved the light up function making the countries, oceans and continents shown clearly visible and easier to find. Our young testers enjoyed using the globe as a night light once they’d finished playing games to find various countries, making up rules such as they had to find countries beginning with a certain letter. This globe is perfect for children to use to improve their geography skills. It encourages concentration as they search for particular cities, countries etc. Looking at a globe promotes discussion that develops a knowledge and understanding of the world and the people and communities that live here.

Skills developed

– Improves geography skills

– Encourages concentration

– Develops knowledge and understanding of the world