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Perfect for budding designers and architects, Skyscrapers lets children build and explore their own buildings!




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 4-10 Years

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Skyscrapers shows children how people build, live, and play in skyscrapers (up to 50 floors). As they explore, children can go up and down, through every floor, and underground. They can also spark a blackout, fix a pipe, or block the toilets. The dinosaur invasions, lightning storms and earth quakes will all test the build quality! They can also investigate how the soil affects the stability of the building.

Children can express their creativity as they design the buildings facade and add different colours, spires, clock towers, and more.

What our testers said

“We can put dinosaurs under the building…oh now they are skeletons. How funny!” – Boy aged 6

“This is cool!” – Boy aged 5

“I have blocked all the toilets, this is fun!” – Girl aged 5

What our experts think

Skyscrapers by Tinybop is a bright and well animated app with a host of play and learning opportunities for children.  The attention to detail is brilliant and there is a lot to explore. It is easy to navigate and is simply accessed through touching and swiping. Skyscrapers is an open-play app where children can freely explore many elements of buildings and allows them to explore elements of technology, geography and science.

The children liked creating the buildings and watching the effects of nature on them; we liked the way that children had to think about how to make their building withstand the elements – the app wasn’t just about aesthetics and had a very strong educational element to it.

Children can  add skyscrapers to a city skyline and then add their own twist to it; as well as allowing for creativity, it also demonstrates cause and effect. We really liked the way that building parts were labelled to help develop children’s technical vocabulary; the addition of audio prompts for younger children is very good. We also thought the parent handbook was handy; it explains each of the six categories and offers discussion questions for parents and children.

Skills developed

– Encourages children to use their design skills

– Shows children the effect of geography and weather on buildings

– Allows children to explore how buildings are structured