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Soft Stuff Mega Learning Dough Activity Set


Who knew dough could teach so much! A fun and versatile activity set with something for everyone.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-5 years

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Enjoy endless hours of creative fun with the Soft Stuff Mega Learning Dough Activity Set from Early Learning Centre.

Let’s discover the 20 pages of activities, learning about numbers, letters, shapes and more with our 10 double sided, wipe-clean activity cards! Encouraging early development, this set is perfect for little imaginations to run wild as they shape the dough with their hands and use their imagination whilst learning. Create colourful designs with the five bright jumbo dough tubs included, which gives you a total of 562g of Soft Stuff! Each large pot also has a different stamper on the base to create even more fun shapes. We can roll out our dough and trace the letters of the alphabet or see how many farm animals we can make in the scene. Let’s use our cutting tool to see how many shapes we can make, build vehicles and make them drive down the road or even create our very own sea creatures! The Mega Learning Dough Activity Set includes time telling, colour mixing, emotions and solar system activities – there is so much to discover and learn with Soft Stuff!

Playing with Soft Stuff is wonderful for early years learning and encourages creative, imaginative and social play. Always a positive and calming play experience, the developmental benefits are limitless! As your child uses their imagination to mould, cut and design their creations, they develop fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination and also boost their colour and shape recognition.

What our testers said

“I wonder which one is the biggest planet. Definitely Jupiter.” – Boy aged 4

“11 o’clock. That’s when my mummy goes to bed.” – Girl aged 7

What our experts thinks

This set has great educational value and kept our testers engaged and busy for long periods. The set comes with a variety of wipe-clean mats to be used alongside the doughs, and include themes such as letters, numbers, shapes, the solar system, animals and vehicles. So many choices meant that every child could find something they were interested in and so many areas of learning were covered; letter and number recognition, mathematics, understanding the world to name but a few.
Once an adult read what was on the mat and explained what they children could do, they were keen to get started, using their hands, rolling pin and plastic knife to manipulate and mould the dough, strengthening the muscles in their hands and arms, and developing their fine motor skills. Some of our testers noticed that the base and lid of each pot, which they needed help to remove, had different shaped moulds on them; an added bonus and another avenue of play.
The telling the time and solar system mats in particular inspired lots of discussion among our testers. Children enjoyed experimenting with the clock faces and dough and talking about what happens at different times of the day. Concepts like telling the time are difficult for some children to grasp, so being able to physically make the hands of the clock and move them is an approach that can really help.
The solar system mat encouraged our testers to mix the different doughs together allowing them to experiment, make predictions and be creative. One child was thrilled that they had managed to make orange from red and yellow.
The set included lots of interesting facts that the children enjoyed hearing – they were really surprised to hear that sharks eat baby sharks! And questions were also included to engage children further as they played.
Of course our testers were also free to use the dough without the mats, which allowed them to be even more creative and experimental. Everyone was very reluctant to stop playing!

Skills developed

– Develops hand and arm strength

– Promotes creativity

– Teaches children to follow instructions

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