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The Robot Factory


Build and test your very own robot!




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 4-8 Years

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Build any robot you can imagine from 100 parts: exoskeletons, telescopic arms, spider legs and more.

Test your robots through a fantastical world full of obstacles. Will they survive or bust?

Collect all your robots in your showroom. Take them out to build and play as you like.

You can even record your own robot sounds and paint your robot using 9 different colour schemes.

What our testers siad

“This is really good for jumping.” – Girl aged 7

“It’s like inventing.” – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

Children loved designing their robots from scratch and found it hilarious steering their robot around the ‘test world’, watching their robot bounce, start to smoke when it became damaged and even fall apart. The free play style means children don’t feel pressured to reach a goal or make a particular robot – they are free to try out whatever they want to.

This allows them not only to be creative but also experiment with the effects of different features – for example, finding out which design allowed their robot to jump over the cliff. This trial and error is great for supporting their learning in science.

We also really like how children can record voices for their robot, to indicate different emotions such as happy or sad.

Skills developed

– Children can record voices to express different emotions

– Encourages creativity

– Allows children to learn through experimentation