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TinyHands Sorting 3


One of our favourites: a simple app that engages children in learning shapes, size, colour, counting and more.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 3-4 Years

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TinyHands Sorting 3 is the third game in the Sorting series.
The game teaches sorting by shape, size and colour as well as sorting according to more complex concepts such as by profession (a fireman’s hat and fire engine for the fireman vs. an ambulance and thermometer for the doctor).
TinyHands state that it was developed with certified child psychologists and is recommended for age 3 and up. There are 12 game boards available which get progressively harder, the first 3 are available in the free version and remaining 9 following upgrade.
There is no voiceover in the game (on background music and sound effects which can be turned on and off). The only American English term used is ‘Color’ as part of the written title for some of the game boards.

What our experts think

The simplicity of this app and its success at capturing children’s concentration to teach them important skills makes it a popular one with us.

It helps children learn shapes, size, colour and counting skills (amongst others), it’s visually appealing and provides a good level of congratulations.

It is well targeted for the 3+ age group and could be enjoyed by some children younger than that. The games are intuitive for children to use and don’t rely on verbal (or written instructions) – also making this appropriate for children speaking all languages.

The only American English included is the word ‘Color’ within the title for some of the game boards.


It would be even better if…

We’d love to see this come out on more platforms and the full version at a lower price or more game boards.

What our testers said

“Can we keep this one?” – Boy aged 3

“Two spots ladybird goes there” (smiles) – Gir aged 3

Skills developed

  • Develops sorting and classifying skills
  • Accurately moving the shapes develops hand-eye coordination
  • Enhances children’s concentration

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