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Start warming up – it’s time for Toca Dance! Whether you’re a dance master or you have two left feet, with Toca Dance you’re a star choreographer ready to create routines for your dancers!
1. Choose your dancers and costumes
There are ten eager dancers, but only three will make your team. Choose your dance stars and send them to wardrobe! Customise your dancers’ looks with 80 items: spandex suits, silly costumes, hats, glasses and more! For an eye-catching look, try on the neon suits and watch your dancers glow!
2. Rehearse your dance
Select the perfect song and teach your dancers their moves with the swipe of your finger. When you’ve finished your routine send your team to the stage to perform.
3. Set the stage
Pick a cool backdrop, adjust your lighting and add special effects like pyrotechnics, confetti and raining money. You can even dance in the dark — the better to see your neon glow! Check out the items you can throw: roses, tomatoes, shoes and a few unexpected surprises.
4. Record your music video
When you’re ready to start the show press play! Record your own music video to remember your stellar routine. Want an encore performance? Save it to your camera roll and show it off to your family and friends.