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Toca nature is an app where children can be as creative as they like!  They can shape nature and watch it develop.
Children can plant trees and grow a forest. Raise a mountain and enjoy the view. Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals.
You start off with a  pretty blank canvas and have to decide the landscape you wish to create.  It’s not a simple drag and drop, you have to actually form the items on the screen (by rubbing); this means that you determine the sizes.
There is a magnifying glass so that you can zoom in and a globe to spin so that you can look from a  different perspective.

What our experts think


What our testers said

“What you like to eat Foxy? (He liked finding out which food to feed the animals) – Boy aged 4

“I like that you can rub things out when I don’t like them” – Girl aged 8

“Im going to find some fish for my wolf because he’s hungry. Look, he’s eaten it and grown bigger!” – Boy aged 7

Skills developed