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Vehicles Adventure


A vehicle themed jigsaw with interactive app

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-5 years

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Elevate your child’s playtime with a harmonious blend of hands-on activities and digital learning! Introducing a captivating puzzle set in a sustainable cityscape, where environmental consciousness thrives.

  • Explore a diverse array of vehicles amidst eco-friendly surroundings: from urban farms and wind turbines to electric cars and recycling hubs. This puzzle nurtures children’s environmental awareness.
  • Once the jigsaw puzzle is complete, children seamlessly transition to the accompanying app, offering a range of engaging activities. From stimulating clue hunts to shadow matching exercises, each activity complements the physical puzzle.
  • 8 Playful Vehicles: Beyond mere assembly, this puzzle sparks imaginative play. From an ice cream van to a fire engine, each vehicle ignites endless storytelling opportunities.
  • Embrace a holistic play experience as children move from solving physical puzzles to digital exploration. Say goodbye to passive screen time, and hello to active engagement!

Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“The nee-naw fire engine is my favourite” – Girl, aged 3

“The app adds a whole new dimension and keeps children engaged for a lot longer” – Childminder to children aged 2-3

What our experts think

This puzzle is no ordinary puzzle. A well illustrated, storytelling jigsaw that when connected to the supporting app becomes fully interactive with games and activities that children will love. Our testers said the jigsaw was enjoyable for the children alone and was beautifully illustrated, but then when they showed them the app they were even more engaged.

They were impressed with how well the app worked and picked up the pictures on the jigsaw accurately and said the children liked the games offered, particularly the shadow game and the clues game. Some of the children were even able to navigate the app independently. This interactive jigsaw develops fine motor skills and dexterity, promotes creativity and encourages logic and problem solving skills.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skills and dexterity

– Promotes creativity

– Encourages logic and problem solving skills

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