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Weather Watch


Weather Watch from Tender Leaf encourages children to be curious about the weather, seasons, and the moon phases.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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A top-quality illustrated wood Weather station that links all aspects of climate into a simple and educational board that can be hung up on a classroom wall or played with on a tabletop. Rainfall, wind speed, temperature, seasons and a daily ‘what is the weather like today’ as well as a novel moon phase wheel teaches about cycles.

The 4 season boards can be displayed to teach children of all ages and from all countries in the world how the various seasons can have typical weather patterns. The phases of the moon can be explored in conjunction with the variations of wind speed, rainfall and temperature fluctuations. making this product a novel and contemporary educational play board in this age of climate concern.

Turn a wheel to see the 8 phases of the moon and their names, move the temperature band to see the temperature rise and fall, lift the hat of the little boy to show how windy it is, and move the lever up and down the bucket to show how high the rainfall is. Kept safe in a printed drawstring bag are 9 weather symbols to magnetically place on yesterday, today and tomorrow forecasts.

What our testers said

“It’s so windy his hat blew off!” – Girl aged 5

“Frogs like it when it’s super wet” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

Weather Watch is an engaging weather station that enables children to learn about weather patterns and reflect the daily weather where they live. The board has interactive knobs, sliders, and magnet symbols for showing temperature, rainfall, wind conditions, moon phase, and daily conditions for each of the four seasons.

It was a pleasure seeing our testers try all the different possible settings and use the board to reflect the weather they observed. Their play expanded to include pretending to be “weather reporter” while setting the board to predict the weather for the next day. Weather Watch sparks scientific curiosity and provides a platform from which to build an understanding of their environment. With guidance, it promotes categorisation and comparison, as well as language related to weather. Weather Watch is ideal for the pre-school setting.

Skills developed

– Encourages scientific curiosity.

– Promotes categorisation and comparison

Develops language related to the science of weather