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Weplay Beanstalk

The Weplay Beanstalk all-in-one bean set is a set consisting of 2 pegboards, 6 colours of pegs, mirrors, and sticks, which can be configured in various patterns to make pictures and/or designs.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-6 years

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From 2D to 3D building, Weplay Beanstalk offers various ways to play in just one set! Creation possibilities are infinite. Set includes a mirror to enhance spatial orientation and concepts of symmetry.

Bean x 180 (yellow, red, blue, green, orange, brown)
Board x 2
Mirror x 2
Stick x 2

Growing Beanstalk
1. Weplay Beanstalk introduces the concept of points, lines, and planes. Children can connect the Beans into lines and extend them to a plane. This helps children to learn the elements in 2D patterns.
2. The Bean is stackable, which adds one more possible building direction when children play it. Weplay Beanstalk cultivates children’s visual organization and 3D spatial concept.
3. Children can create a variety of patterns with the six-colored Beans. What’s more, children can have some recognition activities such as color classification, one-to-one correspondence and height comparison.

Boards to Expand Creative Spaces
1. Boards can be connected to each other for a larger creative platform. This encourages cooperation in children.
2. Boards are not limited to put on table tops. They can be fixed to the wall to turn creations into an art wall. Children’s artworks can be also displayed by hanging them on the wall.
3. A 10 x 10 array of holes can be viewed as a counting board. Children can practice 1~100 one-to-one correspondence and how to calculate simple addition and subtraction.

Inspire Creativity in Reflected Space with Mirrors and Sticks
1. The safe mirrors introduce the symmetry concepts to children. With utilizing physical and reflected space at the same time, children can create interesting artworks.
2. The sticks can be used to set up the mirrors and take out the Beans from the boards.

User’s Guide
1. The play guide provides many kinds of inspirations for games such as 2D patterns, 3D stacks, mirror images and story making. Children can easily make an imitation of the examples in the play guide or create their own artworks.
2. Weplay Beanstalk shares the same type of boards with Weplay Puzzle Fun. Combinations of dots and geometric shapes provide more ways to play and make children show their creativity.

What our testers said

I want to build the tree next!” –  Boy aged 4

“Look! I made the big one all by myself.” – Girl aged 6

What our experts said

It was a delight to see the pride radiating from the children as they completed their pictures and designs with the Weplay Beanstalk. Repeat play was frequent and our testers loved combining the beans to replicate the colourful designs from the user’s guide or tapping into their creative side by coming up with their own ideas and designs. The numerous levels of difficulty allowed for continued exploration and challenge as their confidence with the set grew. Through interaction with this set, fine motor skills, eye-hand skills, and visual spatial skills are
refined. This set is ideal for independent learning or as a part of a classroom set for
school-based curriculum.

Skills developed

– Supports fine Motor skill development

– Develops eye-hand coordination

– Helps increase visual spatial skills