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Wooden Cannon Craft Kit


Children who love to let their imaginations run wild will find hours of fun in the new wooden firing cannon craft kit.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age:7+ years

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Children who love to let their imaginations run wild will find hours of fun with our wooden firing cannon craft kit. Engaging and stimulating, crafty kids will love the challenge and satisfaction of building the cannon then creating their own action-packed adventures with their new toy taking the starring role. The high quality set is made completely from wood, so is as durable as it is fun, with easy to use instructions. Comes complete with some cut-out cardboard targets and tissue paper to make the cannon balls. Glue is not included.

The cannon is more than just fun the kit has been designed to be educational too, teaching children how to follow instructions, how to piece together lots of components and how to work independently. It also encourages creative thinking and storytelling.

Additional information

Weight 0.431 kg
Dimensions 260 × 55 × 190 mm

What our testers said

“The balls need to be little so they are light enough to shoot out.” Girl aged 7

“I will do this step.” Girl aged 10

What our experts think

The wooden firing cannon is a lovely toy for encouraging children to follow instructions and create their own play piece. We really liked how the instructions were pictorial, making it accessible to children regardless of their reading ability. It also promoted problem solving and strategy skills when things didn’t quite work as they should! However, there were also parts which were a bit fiddly and children needed some adult help.

This is a great product for fostering a sense of pride in their own achievements, and our testers particularly enjoyed using their creative skills to personalise their cannon with paint and felt tipped pens. Once competed, our testers were delighted that the cannon actually fired. We really liked how once completed, the children could use the cannon in their imaginative play, developing their storytelling ability.

Skills developed

– Teaches children how to follow instructions 

– Encourages imaginative play 

– Promotes strategy and problem solving