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The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors has lots of health and psychological benefits, especially if children can play freely in natural spaces, but even half an hour in a playground or the garden can help children develop healthy habits and a range of skills that they may find challenging.

Child Psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gummer and her team at the Good Play Guide offer their expert advice when it comes to safe play outdoors.

Playing outdoors is a critical part of a child’s upbringing as they learn to master physical skills through the exploration of the outside world.

They learn valuable skills that will benefit their well-being and develop their education and skills including social competence, problem-solving, creative thinking, and imaginative play.

The outdoor environment is also important as the natural light stimulates and helps regulate a child’s biological clock, which is vital to the immune system and positively contributes to a child’s health.

Particularly since lockdown measures were enforced during the pandemic, 81% of children stated that they had spent less time outside with friends.

Parents are aware of the pressures of TV and other screen devices and these can act as distractions for playing outside. Kids need motivation and being enthusiastic to play outside is one way of getting them away from screens.