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40pc Rainbow Square Pack


Connetix 40pc Rainbow Square Pack is a magnetic construction set with small and large square shaped plastic tiles for children to build with.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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The Connetix 40-piece Rainbow Square Pack features our vibrantly coloured magnetic tiles in both standard and large squares. Children can experience STEAM learning while they play by creating towers, roads, ball runs, patterns and more. The possibilities of play are unlimited due to the open-ended nature of Connetix, inviting children to unleash their imagination and creativity while learning through play.

The Square Pack works as an ideal standalone starter set and introduction to magnetic tile play, or as an addition to an existing collection expanding the possibilities of play and learning. Designed to encourage children to learn through play, Connetix inspire children of all ages and abilities to engage with and explore a range of STEAM learning concepts.

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What our testers said

“I made a tower.” Girl, aged 3.

“This is so cool.” Girl, aged 9.

What our experts think

The Connetix 40 Piece Rainbow Square Pack immediately engaged our testers. They used their imagination and creativity to play independently and with very little guidance to build various patterns and structures such as a domino run and a house for Barbies. It was mentioned that The Inspiration Book included in the pack didn’t contain many ideas that could be made using just the pieces that were in the box – triangular tiles or more square ones would be needed. However this didn’t take away from our testers’ fun, who were immersed in play for long periods of time, developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Generally the children would start off building their own individual design, then would naturally combine what they had made and work as a team to make bigger and more complex structures. The pack teaches children about magnetism, and some of our younger testers were delighted that the tiles ‘stuck together’ making their towers stronger and less likely to fall down.

Skills developed

– Inspires imagination and creativity

– Helps develop fine motor skills

– Encourages teamwork

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