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Action Circuitry Electronic Experiment Set

Discovery #Mindblown Action Circuitry Electronic Experiment Set lets children build their own experiments that are powered with real electricity!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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✔ BUILD WORKING GIZMOS AND GADGETS with the Action Circuitry Electronic Experiment Set from Discovery #MINDBLOWN! You can build kinetic sculptures and spinning robots, and even exciting toys that launch and levitate objects!
✔ 6 EXPERIMENTS IN TOTAL: With this fun STEM kit you can make a floating ball, a light tunnel, a wire trap, a spinning robot, a rocket launcher and balance balls. Rearrange the boards to organize the modules in your own way!
✔ EDUCATIONAL STEM TOY LEARN ABOUT ELECTRICITY AND CIRCUITRY: Learn the principles behind electricity, circuitry and engineering as you run the included experiments and even design your own.
✔ POWERED BY BATTERIES: Each experiment requires 2 AA batteries (12 total, not included) to power the modules. You must connect batteries to run the experiments.
✔ FOR AGES 8+: The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Electronic Circuitry Experiment Building Set is designed for children ages 8 and older. Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Please read all warnings and safety information in the enclosed instruction manual to ensure safe operation.

What our testers said

“I love these pendulum ball things – let’s do this one first.” – Boy aged 10

“What is good about these, is that it is easy to take them off and do the next circuit” – Boy aged 9

What our experts think

Our testers were excited to jump in and get started with the Action Circuitry – Electronic Experiment Set. Regardless of their experience level with this type of set, they were excited to start interacting with the components and enjoyed completing all the experiments and attempting their own. The set includes features like a rocket and a floating ball module that spark their curiosity and encourage them to synthesise everything they learn to create their own larger circuits and test their new knowledge. The children were focused and excited
while engaged in each module and in their own experiments with circuitry.

Discovery Mind Blown Action Circuitry Electronic Experiment Set supports the growth of scientific knowledge and language regarding electricity and circuits; the development of executive functioning; and when collaborating with peers, teamwork is fostered. This product is best suited for 8-and-9-year-olds following all safety precautions indicated in the instructions. Additionally, 7-year-olds enjoyed using the set with their parents and showed high engagement in learning while playing with this set.

Skills developed

– Promotes science knowledge

– Encourages language skills to communicate regarding electricity and electronics

– Supports executive functioning