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Cat® – Big Crane


Great big crane for your budding construction workers

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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This 42-centimeter-high construction crane in the cool CAT® design will delight all young crane operators! It stands stably on four feet so that the little ones can turn the boom once around and back again. If they want to lift heavy construction loads to lofty heights, it’s best to load them into the silo, let the gripper enclose the handle and crank everything up. On the boom, they can push the load back and forward, so they can choose the place to unload it. This makes working and playing on the sandpit building site really fun! And incidentally develops all the senses, spatial thinking, gravity and balance.

Cat® – building site crane

The stable crane can be turned 360°, has a silo for transporting construction material as well as a crank and a practical handle. Both can be assembled for either left-handers or right-handers. With the help of the crank, the gripper can be easily raised or lowered.

– Dimensions: 33 cm x 15 cm x 42.5 cm
– Suitable for children from three years

What our testers said

“If I do this, it goes up and if I do this, it goes down”  – Boy aged 3

“Look, if you turn this, all the rice falls out of the bucket” – Boy aged 5


What our experts think

This big crane from Cat is sure to be a big hit with construction toy lovers. Our testers loved playing with this toy, they put pasta and rice into a tray and used the crane to scoop up baskets of it. They also made up an experiment involving attempting to pick up various items to see what was too big/heavy. Some of the children decided to put a model builder in the driver cab and then created a role play game with it. The big crane develops fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, inspires trial and error learning and promotes imaginative play.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skills

– Inspires trial and error learning

– Promotes imaginative play

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