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Explore the structures and geometries of different crystal shapes.

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 9 years & up

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Grow dozens of dazzling crystals and conduct 15 illuminating experiments with this classic science kit. Experiment with four chemically different crystals each with different properties, including potassium alum crystals that form regular octahedrons, rapidly growing sodium sulphate crystals, long needle-shaped sodium acetate crystals, and plaster which is made from gypsum crystals.

Mould fun plaster shapes, including stars, lightning bolts, dolphins, and pyramids, and grow layers of crystals on them. Use dyes to form coloured crystals, and mix the dyes to grow a rainbow of custom coloured crystals.

From Thames and Kosmos, experiment with growing crystals rapidly and slowly, and observe how that affects the crystal structures. See if you can grow one giant crystal, and many small crystals on the surface of a rock.

A full-colour, 32-page experiment manual guides your experiments in crystal chemistry and Earth science.

What our testers said

“We talked about some of these ideas in school, and now I can do them!” – Boy aged 12

“The colours are wicked!” – Boy aged 14

What our experts think

This set encourages children’s sense of scientific exploration and introduces them to the properties of crystals through different growing experiments. Our testers enjoyed reading the fact book explaining how geodes are made, noting that this complimented what they were currently doing in the KS3 curriculum. They enjoyed mixing the materials and forming the moulds and were excited to see what would happen.

Some adult assistance was required to complete the experiments due to the use of boiling water and chemicals. Some patience was also required as you have to wait for the crystals to form before moving onto the next experiment! However, this benefits children’s understanding of cause and effect and sequencing. Our testers enjoyed examining the crystals, which developed their observation skills and encouraged their use of scientific vocabulary.

Skills developed

– Develops understanding of geometric properties of crystals

– Promotes creativity

– Encourages observation skills

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