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Early Learning Centre Baby Sensory Ball Pit & 20 Balls


This bright and fun animal themed ball pit will keep little ones busy.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6 months+

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Children will have so much fun playing with this amazing and diverse Early Learning Centre Sensory Ball Pit.

This Ball Pit is a safe and exciting place for little ones to sit, roll and play. Perfect for hands-on fun and learning games, it features 20 included colourful balls. Your child can touch the soft textures and explore ball pit. They can also learn how to post the balls through the holes for even more fun or play peek-a-boo with the mesh panels. The outside features ribbons for grasping on to for extra-interactive playtimes.

What our testers said

“I want to get in!” – Girl aged 16 months 

“I put balls in there, Mummy.” –  Girl aged 2

What our experts think

This ball pit is a breeze to put up, take down, and everything can quickly be put back into the box making storage super easy. Our testers were keen to explore it, the bright colours and friendly animal faces catching their eye. The pit has different textures to explore, with netting in one part, crinkly material around the top, and holes to post the balls through. This was a big draw for our testers who were all really keen to have a go.

As they played with the balls, it gave them a chance to practice colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, and develop strength in their arms and core. The sides are quite high which initially put off one of the children who asked to be lifted in. However, another child quickly discovered that although she wasn’t tall enough to step over the rim to get in, the side was easy to push down and she crawled over it before sitting herself in the middle. If the balls fell out of the pit, the children tended to ask their parent or another child to put them back in, making it a game and prompting lots of interaction.

Skills developed

– Promotes hand-eye coordination

– Encourages sensory exploration

– Strengthens arm and core muscles

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