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Early Learning Centre Sand and Water Table with Lid & Accessories


A very popular toy that keeps children entertained while they develop many different skills.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 12 months+

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Bring the magic and fun of the beach home with the Early Learning Centre Sand and Water Table, featuring lots of toys for hours of creative fun.

The table has two troughs, so your little one can fill one with water and one with sand (available separately) – or fill both with water or both with sand. There are ten toys to play with, including a spade, a scoop, a rake, funnels, wheels, moulds and much more. There is also a waterproof lid for keeping the sand dry and clean, and the toys can fit neatly inside. The handy lid has a road built into it, so when it’s on your little explorer can use the Sand and Water Table as a play table too.

Ideal for developing creative skills, playing with the sand and water table is great fun for little ones and using tools helps little fingers get nimble for dressing, drawing and writing later on. Never leave children unattended when playing in or around water..


To fill one side of your sand and water table we recommend between 10-20kg of sand (sold separately)

Safety Information: Please remove all packaging attachments, and any other components which are not a part of the toy, before giving this product to a child.

What our testers said

“Penny sink, boat float.” – Boy aged 3

“Scoop scoop.” – Girl aged 2

What our experts think

This set was a big hit with our testers, engaging them for long periods of time as they became really immersed in the sensory play experience.
Playing with sand develops fine motor skills and builds strength in the hands, while water-play, particularly the action of pouring, is great to teach control.
The children began by playing with the sand first, using the scoop, spade, rake and moulds. They then moved on to the water, and after a while became more adventurous and started to experiment by mixing the two elements together. They noticed that when pouring the dry sand it fell quickly and easily, but was slower when wet.
Our testers continued by pouring wet sand into one of the funnels and noticed that the weight made it lean to one side, so they did the same to the other funnel and were pleased to see that it did the same.
An adult present introduced the concept of floating and sinking, inspiring the children to go off and find different objects to drop into the water to see what happened to them. They tested the plastic boat, a coin, a magnet etc.
These are all great experiments the children naturally carried out during their play, that teaches mathematical and scientific basics, and they were transfixed as they watched how the sand and water fell thorough the funnels and turned the wheels, teaching them about cause and effect.
The table allowed at least two children to play alongside each other, which gave plenty of opportunities for discussions and swapping of ideas and discoveries.
The set was very easy for an adult to construct and when the children had finished playing, the handy lid made sure the sand was covered and kept dry, until next time.

Skills developed

– Develops motor skills and strength in hands

– Encourages sensory exploration

– Promotes language development

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