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GraviTrax Extension Sets


Experience the power of gravity with add-ons for the GraviTrax system to create even more spectacular tracks!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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From Ravensburger, the Expansion Packs are designed to help you create the tracks and designs you can imagine. Each Expansion Pack includes a different set of contents so you can choose which pack you add to your GraviTrax Starter Set first, to get the desired effect for your track. Simply choose the Expansion Pack that will take your track to the next level – literally – and keep going.

There is no limit to the number of Expansion Packs you can add. 





Additional information


Extension Dipper, Extension FlexTube, Extension Mixer, Extension Spinner, Extension Spiral, Extension Splitter

What our testers said

“We can build something amazing with these.” – Girl aged 10

“Shall we make the flextube go from here to here? The ball could build up some speed.” – Boy aged 10 

What our experts think

The six different extensions to the gravity powered track system really further the construction experience, allowing children to build and experiment creatively in different ways. This encourages them to use key STEM skills such as  logical thinking, planning and problem-solving to create a working route for the ball in motion. 

This is also a great way to demonstrate scientific concepts such as gravity, kinetic energy and magnetism. While the children did need some adult help in putting the extensions together, once this was done the set was easy to use and connect. We like the variety these set offers as it means lots of play opportunities – children have room to get creative and this gives the toy itself longevity too. 

Skills developed

– Encourages logical thinking and planning 

– Explores principles of physics 

– Provides opportunity for creative play and problem-solving 

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