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GraviTrax Starter Set XXL


The GraviTrax Starter-Set XXL is an expansive set of constructional elements used for creation of various marble tracks

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Easy to connect and build, our construction set includes 242 diverse pieces to create a ton of custom runs with curves, levels, freefalls and 3 action accessories; Magnetic Cannon, Hammer and Loop. Designed with open play in mind, it’s a snap to build a different track every time. Expand your track’s stunt action with extra accessories and experience the power of gravity and educational fun again and again!

What our testers said

“There are so many cool pieces. We can build a lot of different things!” – Boy aged 10

“I love using the loop-da-loop!” – Girl aged 11

What our experts think

Our testers engaged quickly and were enthralled playing with this set by creating their own marble tracks or following along with the included booklet.  Some testers found the accompanying mobile app to be the preferred learning method and loved being able to design, test, and “watch the movie” of their builds before constructing the actual design on the grid. The set includes a large array of pieces, enabling children to play together, or start simple and increase the complexity of their builds by adding to their track design or augmenting the end points. The GraviTrax set promotes executive functioning and logic skills. In addition it fosters teamwork and creativity.  For the younger of the age group, it hones fine motor dexterity and manipulation skills. 

Skills developed

– Promotes executive functioning 

– Develops logical thinking skills

– Encourages teamwork 

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