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K’NEX Thrill Rides 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set


Piece together a classic K’NEX adventure!


Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 9+

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One of the original K’NEX building sets, this kit replicates the excitement you enjoyed when you were a kid so kids today can enjoy it, too. The illustrated instructions make it easy for kids to connect the pieces until finally – SNAP – The Ferris Wheel is all set and ready to run. Just flip the switch on the motor and watch it go! Then, ready for another ride? Grab the remaining pieces and you can continue the fun as you build a merry-go-round Swing Ride and a Boom Ride. All three rides can be built at the same time! Use the motor to bring them to life with movement. Celebrate the fun of K’NEX with a classic construction adventure that’s just as fun today as it was over twenty years ago.
• Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, logic, creativity
• Ferris wheel measures a whopping 2.8 feet tall
• Includes 1 motor – Models can only be motorized one at a time
• Includes 744 parts, one motor
• Detailed, illustrated building instructions for all 3 models included
• Motor requires 2 AA batteries – Not included
• Fully compatible with all other K’NEX building sets
• High quality design and materials for exceptional building experience

What our testers said

“Man, it is so awesome that it will actually turn when we are done.” – Boy aged 11.

“I like to make things that take a while and then you have something cool.” – Girl aged 11.

What our experts think

The children were immediately attracted to the images on
the box and were excited to play with the set. The children loved the building process as well as the post-build play. The children generally were able to follow the instruction manual and didn’t require assistance when connecting the pieces, assistance from adults might be needed when taking the pieces apart.

Overall, the building set encourages further development and the use of their
visual information processing, physical skills, as well as logic and problem-solving skills. The toy also fosters creativity and imagination.

Skills developed

– Encourages visual information processing and physical development

– Supports logic and problem-solving

– Enables creativity and imaginative-play