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LEGO CITY Express Passenger Train


The LEGO® City Express Passenger Train set is a construction set in which LEGO pieces are utilized to build a 3D model of a moving train controlled by remote control or smartphone.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 7+ years

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Here comes the high-speed Express Passenger Train with headlights shining as it arrives at the platform. Check out the ultra-modern aerodynamic locomotive. Board the dining car for a drink and a croissant
during the journey or take the passenger car where there’s room for your baggage and your bike. Once aboard, take a seat at your preferred table, sit back and enjoy the ride!

What our testers said

“It was so much fun to build, I can’t believe we did it ourselves!” – Girl aged 9

“Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I’ve wanted this for so long! – Boy aged 11




What our experts think

Both boys and girls were filled with joy and excitement while engaging with the LEGO City Express Passenger Train.  Learning and focus collide with fun and imagination while children build and run this working train.

Children were visually excited by this set and were immediately ready to build this functioning, remote control train. Older children were able to sustain focus and determination to complete the full project in one sitting.  The excitement only increased when they completed the build and could remotely drive their train and race it around the tracks.   Siblings, peers, and entire families were observed to interact and play cooperatively while turn-taking and pretending to be the various characters. Interacting with the numerous props was also a big hit.  Repeat play was frequent. Children did not tire of this set.  Children that utilized the phone app, enjoyed the sound effects and the ability to control the train via smartphone. While constructing and playing with the set, children develop and enhance fine motor, visual spatial, and executive functioning skills. It also encourages the to follow instructions.

Skills developed

– Enhances fine motor skills

– Sequencing and following of instructions

– Develops executive functioning skills