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LEGO Stationery Buildable Ruler with Minifigure


Build your own LEGO ruler and start measuring!

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 6+

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This official LEGO licensed 2-in-1 buildable LEGO ruler includes LEGO building bricks and an authentic LEGO minifigure. Each ruler can convert from a 12-inch to a 6-inch ruler. Fun for building and useful for measuring, this ruler includes activity counting cards.

What our testers said

“Done! What do we do with it? Use it like a sword?” – Boy aged 8.

“I am excited to make this rainbow ruler!” – Girl aged 6.

What our experts think

The children really enjoyed constructing this LEGO ruler and measuring with it. They were engaged and motivated to construct the ruler and finished quickly. They then immediately started measuring items close by. Some of the children also used it very creatively by combining the product with other LEGO products – they brought out other LEGO figurines and used the ruler as a bridge for them to cross over to other structures. The instructions and materials are very straightforward for children to use on their own.

This LEGO ruler is overall great for thinking and fostering curiosity. It also encourages children to learn about measurement and Maths related topics.

Skills developed

– Supports thinking skills

– Fosters curiosity

– Encourages Maths learning