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Marble Rush Shuttle Blast-Off Set


Children can embark on a cosmic adventure with the Marble Rush® Shuttle Blast-Off Set™, featuring 120 colour-coded pieces that effortlessly connect to create three stellar builds.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Shoot for the stars or drop the marbles into the gravity vortex with the Marble Rush® Shuttle Blast-Off Set™. Create three out-of-this-world builds by easily connecting 120 color-coded pieces including a shuttle launch, UFO elevator, orbital launcher and rocket-fast tracks! Use the easy-to-follow leveled guide or create your own courses to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills. Construct a gravity-fed course, then drop five colorful marbles into the vortex to watch them speed around the tracks. Launch five, metal-core MagiStunt Marbles into the light-up rocket ship and prepare for liftoff, or send the MagiStunt Marbles to the UFO and watch the aliens beam them up with magnetic action! Combine with other Marble Rush® sets (each sold separately) to create an extreme playset.

Find more build ideas at the VTech Kids website.

What our testers said

“Score! Did you see that mom? I got it in!” – Boy aged 5

“Runaway meteor.  Watch out! It’s headed towards Earth unless we get there first.” – Boy aged 5

What our experts think

Our testers were mesmerised by the magnetic features and out of this world elements of the VTech Marble Rush Shuttle Blast-Off set – from the UFO elevator to the orbital launcher.  Laughter and joy filled the room while marbles zipped through, and catapulted across the tracks.  While manipulating and connecting the various pieces, fine motor skills are developed and sharpened. 

Whether following the directions in the step-by-step guide or creating their own unique tracks, this set allowed for visual spatial and problem solving skills to be developed and honed while simultaneously having fun.  Repeat play was abundant, and children enjoyed going back to their current design, augmenting portions of the track, or creating a completely different build.  The Marble Rush Shuttle Blast-Off set is a great individual or family activity, and secondary to the magnetic components as well as the physics principles explored throughout interaction with this set, it would make the perfect addition to a science lesson as a small group activity.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skills

– Supports visual spatial skills

– Encourages problem solving skills

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