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Marble Rush™ Tip & Swirl Set™


Vtech Marble Rush™ Tip & Swirl Set™ Set is a 52 piece marble course combining a vortex, barrels, twists, and turns with 3 predetermined designs as well as the possibility for endless custom created paths.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Swirl, tumble and zoom around winding ramps with the Marble Rush™ Tip & Swirl Set™. Create three exciting builds by easily connecting 47 color-coded pieces including a swirling funnel, teetering baskets and hairpin turns! Use the easy-to-follow leveled guide or create your own courses. Construct a gravity-fed course, then slide the five colourful marbles into the vortex to watch them race to the end.

What our testers said

“I want to build all three designs and see which one is best.” – Boy aged 5

“I did it! I created my own design using all of the pieces. Let’s see if it works.” – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

The Vtech Marble Rush™ Tip & Swirl Set™ is fun for the whole family. Testers’ eyes lit up, as they watched their marbles race down their constructed marble paths through twists and turns, barrels, and even a swirling vortex. Fine motor, visual motor and
problem solving skills are developed and honed while teamwork is an added bonus for those working in groups. With endless creative possibilities, hours of fun will come from this marble rush set.

Skills developed

– Develop fine motor skills

– Enhances visual spatial skills

– Encourage problem solving

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