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Mini Diamond 120pc + Figures + Car Set


Picasso Tiles 120 Pieces – Mini Diamond Magnetic Tiles is a 2-D and 3-D building set that includes different shaped tiles that connect magnetically to build a variety of 2-D and 3-D structures. The set includes two (2) character figures and a car-truck.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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The 120 pcs mini-sized magnetic tiles master playset comes with 177 pcs of magnetic tiles in different shapes and colors, 2 magnetic feet characters, and 1 regular brick compatible building car base with wheels that can transform your magnet shapes into a truck or train. The mini-sized magnet tiles are designed for your little ones’ small hands that can be grabbed easily and stacked effortlessly on any flat surface. Bring them in the backpack or store them in the original packaging as a storage box for a short weekend getaway road trip or play on long-distance flights. Unlike the regular one-color clear see-through magnetic tiles, PicassoTiles’ mini diamond series are all finished in a beautiful glossy diamond effect which adds depth to your building toy collections. The open-ended possibilities of structures will keep your children occupied and busy for hours.

What our testers said

“Let’s make a whole city!” – Boy aged 8

“It’s so easy to try different pieces, I can take them apart and make something else!” – Girl aged 5

What our expert thinks

Our testers were intrigued with the mini-Picasso Tiles. The vehicle, figures, and the quick magnetic connection were a big draw. Children were eager to experiment with the smaller magnetic tiles, build recognisable objects, and include the figures into their play. Our testers particularly enjoyed creating their own structures and developing imaginative stories using the included figures and car. Witnessing their creativity fused with logical thinking was fantastic. Making quick connections with the magnetic tiles encourages building and rebuilding more complex structures and objects over time. Picasso Tiles-Mini sparks creativity, builds logical thinking, promotes language, supports fine motor/perceptual development, and encourages perseverance. While this building set is fun and beneficial for pre-school aged children, it is also attractive and pertinent to primary school aged

Skills developed

– Promotes logical thinking

– Encourages creativity and imaginative play

– Supports fine motor and visual perceptual skills