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National Geographic Dinosaur Terrarium


National Geographic Dinosaur Terrarium is a dinosaur themed kit that includes everything necessary to create a decorative setting, plant, and grow Chia and Ryegrass seeds.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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Grow a dinosaur habitat with the National Geographic Light-Up Terrarium Kit! This immersive, DIY educational activity comes with everything needed to create an incredible prehistoric world! This kit includes: Light-up terrarium with reversible backdrop; USB power cable; peat pellet; ryegrass and chia seeds; spray bottle; coloured pebbles; a genuine gastropod fossil; blue calcite, rose quartz, and aventurine specimens; river stone; faux succulent; and 2 decorative dinosaur figurines! With this terrarium kit for kids, building an exciting dinosaur habitat couldn’t be easier! They’ll start by choosing one of the prehistoric scenes on the two-sided backdrop. Next, they’ll spread a foundation of pebbles, then add the included peat pellets so the chia and ryegrass seeds have a suitable place to grow. Kids can customize their miniature world with two decorative dinosaur figures (a T. rex and triceratops), along with a real gastropod fossil and shimmering blue calcite, rose quartz, and aventurine specimens. The kit also includes a smooth river stone and faux succulent plant that add even more diversity to the habitat!

As the grass grows, kids will marvel at the changing display inside, and with the Learning Guide, they’ll have access to tons of fascinating facts about dinosaurs and the science of plant growth! The light-up terrarium itself turns on with the press of a button when plugged in using the included USB cable–no batteries necessary! The container has a large opening for easy set-up and provides kids a panoramic view of what’s inside. It also holds water and is reusable, meaning kids can create countless miniature worlds as they explore their creativity! The National Geographic Light-Up Terrarium Dinosaur Habitat is a phenomenal way to introduce kids to the fascinating world of botany!

What our testers said

“I like making terrariums. It’s cool we have extra seeds to replant.” – Boy aged 8

“I really appreciated the clear instructions and step by step procedures outlined in the very colourful instruction guide.” – Parent Comment

What our experts think

Prepare the potting mix, set the layers, decorate, plant the seeds, water, and watch them grow! Children loved their dinosaur habitat – the figurines, rock, and fossil accessories, as well as the dinosaur backdrop were a hit. They loved watching the seeds grow into small plants and interacting with the figurines in the habitat for storytelling and pretend play.

The written and illustrated instructions make the process easy to execute, resulting in a beautiful miniature terrarium for them to care for and the whole family to enjoy. Our testers loved that they could set different scenes with the accessories and that they could interact repeatedly. Children also loved the light-up feature. Engaging with the Dinosaur Terrarium fosters caring for living things by learning about what plants need to grow and the importance of their role in nurturing life in the terrarium. It further supports following instructions, building vocabulary, and scientific knowledge with respect to plants and ecosystems. It was clear they were thinking through the process of creating the “just right” environment for their plants to grow and how to best care for them; while also having their curiosity sparked by the genuine crystals and fossil included. The dinosaur figurines further encouraged imagination and scene design for storytelling.

Skills developed

– Promotes caring for a living thing

– Encourages following instructions

– Supports scientific knowledge

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