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National Geographic Mega Stunning Science Chemistry Kit


This chemistry kit gives kids everything they need for 15 experiments along with a bonus experiment guide that contains an additional 30 experiments, all using common household items.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 8+

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Kids will create fizzing, bubbling, and frothing chemical reactions, erupt a geyser, make a volcano and make it erupt, and launch a rocket with gas. Plus a whole lot more!

What our testers said

“Cool, that is actually louder! Man, I want to do all these experiments.” – Boy aged 9.

“Let’s do the underwater volcano while we wait for the plaster to dry.” – Girl aged 10.

What our experts think

The children loved this STEAM Mega Stunning Science Chemistry Kit. They were highly engaged and well-motivated to start and continue with the experiments in the set. They were interested in reading and looking at the content in the experiment guide, and they enjoyed the volcano experiment despite the longer processes required. The children were delighted when the solutions were mixed and the reactions occurred as expected, as well as when something surprised them.

The booklet that comes with the set contains well-designed illustrated and written instructions for the children. Assistance from adults is needed with combining and separating chemical ingredients, as well as handling and using the tools during experiments.

This STEAM science set sparked their curiosity for learning about chemistry and other related topics. This product is also great for the development of physical skills, language, and thinking.

Skills developed

– Fosters curiosity

– Helps with physical skills

– Supports language development and thinking

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