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National Geographic Mega Earth Science Kit


The Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit has everything a young scientist needs to conduct over 15 scientific experiments!



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 8+

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The STEAM Science Kit includes: growing a crystal; building & painting a volcano- then erupting it; generating a whirling water tornado, and so much more!

What our testers said

“Cool! We get to form a volcano and then experiment with erupting it.” – Boy aged 9.

“This crystal is beautiful. It was worth the wait!” – Girl aged 8

What our experts think

Children were well-motivated to start conducting the experiments in the Earth Science Kit – Mega Science
Series! They were very interested in learning about volcanoes, crystal-growing, gemstones, and tornadoes. They were eager to try the experiments and were very engaged when conducting the experiments. Children required help from adults to conduct the experiments and for safety reasons.

This STEAM Science Kit has great benefits for children’s physical and cognitive skills. It is also amazing for language development, as well as creativity.

Skills developed

– Supports physical and cognitive skills

– Helps with language development

– Promotes creativity

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