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National Geographic Volcano Bean Bag Toss


Children will have lots of outdoor fun with this National Geographic Volcano Bean Bag Toss.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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The National Geographic Volcano Bean Bag Toss Game delivers unstoppable, infectious outdoor fun! Kids and adults can play 5 different game modes with the included volcano tower and 8 bean bags, with 360° gameplay the whole family will love. Not your ordinary cornhole set, this innovative outdoor game is easy to set up and delivers multiple ways to play for up to 4 players. It’s also portable, making it perfect for a day at the beach, camping, in the backyard, or any outdoor setting where fun is a requirement! Detailed instructions are included for 5 different outdoor game types: Classic Volcano, Split Volcano, Trick Shot Volcano, Relay Race, and Long Toss. Each offers its own set of challenges, with a unique 360°-style of gameplay that makes things more exciting than a traditional bean bag toss game. This set is designed to store easily, and with its one-of-a-kind gameplay, it’s the perfect complement to any outdoor gathering.

What our testers said

“Oh, I love these bean bags! They are like lava rocks!” – Girl aged 7

“To save our beanies from the ‘lava pit’, we have to get them all into  the volcano.-  Boy aged 6

What our experts think

Testers were excited to get outside or play indoors with the National Geographic Volcano Bean Bag Toss Set. The volcano theme captures their imagination, leading to extended play sessions and frequent engagement with family and friends. It sparks interest in the natural world, nurtures socialization through competitive games, and promotes physical skill development. The featured games promote learning through interactive experiences. The children learn and play a variety of tossing games with an emphasis on building eye-hand coordination and managing point values over several sets of game play. Once they understand the basics of each game, the children start creating their own games for the number of people they will play with. The learning materials included do spark curiosity with both simple visual images and written content about the study of volcanoes, their types, and parts. Furthermore, physics principles are introduced that specifically relate to their actions during game play.

Skills developed

– Develops motor skills and eye-hand coordination

– Encourages socialisation and teamwork

– Supports numeracy skills


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