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National Geographic Epic Fort Kit- 70 piece


The National Geographic Epic Forts Set is a 70 piece set including various poles and connectors required to build 2 distinct fort designs.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Take fort building to thrilling new levels of fun with the 70-piece Epic Fort Building Kit! Easily build indoor forts with endless configurations thanks to Flex-Tech hubs that hold the poles tight and flex. Kids can build tents, castles, and even dome-shaped forts! This revolutionary fort-building system includes our innovative Flex-Tech bendable connectors that make it easy for kids to construct a variety of structures, from domes and pyramids to rocket ships and beyond!

The sturdy, tight-fit poles come in two different lengths to expand construction options and ensure strong, kid-tested builds. Plus, a wide variety of patented Flex-Tech connectors enhances the stability of structures and adds even more creative ways for kids to build!

This 70-piece set includes step-by-step, illustrated instructions that explain fort building basics, along with how to build a pyramid and an airplane. These primary, guided builds give kids the confidence and experience they need to invent their own fort designs. 4 clips are also included for household fort coverings like blankets or sheets (not included). The possibilities are truly endless once kids start to get creative, taking imaginative play to a new level of fun! The National Geographic Epic Forts Kit grows with your family too—it’s great for younger kids who love make-believe play, as well as older kids seeking endless engineering challenges and creative ways to explore their inventiveness.

What our testers said

“Cool! I want to build the rocket ship fort.” – Boy aged 5

“This looks way cooler then the fort my dad built with me!” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

From rocket ships to safari huts and reading nooks to quiet caves – the possibilities are endless. The National Geographic Epic Forts 70 piece set allowed our testers to put their construction skills to the test and create forts from the pictured designs or from their own imaginations. Repeat play was abundant and the observed children were keen to return to their forts once they were built to engage in creative play or simply relax inside. With a little help from an adult, younger testers (4 to 5 year-olds) were able to use their logical thinking skills to complete the steps of the build, while older children (6+) tested their critical thinking skills to independently complete the challenge. While constructing their forts, fine motor, visual spatial, and executive functioning skills are honed. This kit is ideal for a family activity, independent play, or small group project.

Skills developed

– Strengthens fine motor skills

– Promotes visual spatial skills

– Encourages problem solving and following of directions

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