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Numberblocks® Blockzee™ Balance Activity Set


Balancing numbers is fun with Blockzee™, the friendly monster from Numberblocks®


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Watch Blockzee™, the lovable monster from the global hit TV series Numberblocks, come to life as she moves her eyes, arms, and mouth to compare numbers. The Numberblocks® Blockzee™ Balance Activity Set from Learning Resources® is designed to engage children in foundational maths skills through interactive play.

Key Features:

  • Visual Learning: Clear, sturdy buckets hold multiple Numberblocks for easy visibility.
  • Educational Play: Activity cards guide children through number identification, comparison, counting, and simple addition.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Encourages fine motor skill development through hands-on play.
  • Interactive Fun: Blockzee™’s movable parts make learning numbers enjoyable and engaging.

Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide, this set is perfect for helping children learn maths in a fun, character-led way. Ideal for home or classroom use, it makes mastering early maths skills an exciting adventure.

What our testers said

“Well that side has less than this side” – Girl, aged 5

“It is equal. 1 in each side” – Boy, aged 4

What our experts think

Learn all about greater than, less than and equal to with your favourite Numberblocks® monster Blockzee™! Blockzee™ comes to life in this interactive balancing activity set, teaching children maths skills through hands-on play. Our testers said they liked the wipe clean cards and pen supplied with the scales and the fact that they were colour coded depending on the learning level. The moving mouth and eyes are perfect visuals for supporting understanding.

All of the children really engaged with this toy, recognising the well loved character from CBeebies. The children were observed counting out the MathLink Cubes into the scale buckets and working out independently how to balance the scales. The toy encouraged the use of mathematical language while they played such as ‘greater than’ and ‘equal to’. The Blockzee™ Balance Activity Set develops early maths skills, such as counting and balancing. It encourages an understanding of ‘more than’ and ‘less than.

Skills developed

– Develops early counting skills

– Encourages understanding of ‘more than’, ‘equal’ and ‘less than’

– Promotes an understanding of balance

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