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PAW Patrol Academy


A fun and educational app that has something for everyone

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 2-5 years

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Explore the educational and engaging world of PAW Patrol Academy, a preschool learning experience seamlessly blending the beloved PAW Patrol brand with essential kindergarten readiness skills. Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide recommends this high-quality program for its empowering and educational features.

Key Features:

  • Interactive missions that combine actual episodes with exciting adventures for preschoolers.
  • Focus on kindergarten readiness skills to prepare kids for the next educational milestones.
  • Immerse children in Adventure Bay, creating a captivating and immersive learning environment.

PAW Patrol Academy goes beyond entertainment, instilling a sense of empowerment and the belief that children can achieve great things. This educational journey is a seamless extension of the PAW Patrol brand, providing a valuable and enjoyable experience for young learners.

  • App Traits
    • The Lookout Hub, where preschoolers can choose what and how they want to learn.
      • Chase’s ABC Dictionary activity allows kids to learn how letters have sounds, and these sounds and letters can be combined to form vocabulary words that have meaning.
      • Rubble’s Letter Construction activity invites kids to create any letter they want using construction beams.  These letters can then be used to restructure words found in an PAW Patrol Episode.
      • Marshall’s Numbers Round Up activity introduces kids to counting and numerology.
      • Rocky’s Shapin’ Up activity begins with a problem at the repair shop that can be solved using different shapes.
      • Skye’s Dance Party is a pure fun way to sing, dance and get the preschool “wiggles” out.
      • Zuma’s Beachside Art Gallery celebrates a child’s creativity with colour sheets that allow kids to colour PAW Patrol characters in any way they wish.
    • Real Missions that allow kids the chance to become an Adventure Bay Hero.
    • Real episode clips that keep a child’s attention and reinforce learning
    • Beloved characters that make learning fun and engaging


What our testers said

“I have a new mission!” – Boy aged 3

“Can we play the game with Marshall?” – Girl aged 3

What our experts think

This engaging app featuring the much loved Paw Patrol characters has games that involve many areas of learning and something that will appeal to every child’s tastes. The games cover early maths skills, shapes, phonics, letter & word formation, the definition of words, on-screen colouring, and even dancing, so opportunities for children to be creative too. Initially our testers weren’t sure how to play the games and more of an explanation from the characters on screen would have been beneficial, but after some adult guidance they all managed to pick it up.

The children loved playing with the familiar Paw Patrol characters, and their words of encouragement helped the children to progress through the games. Many of the games involved trial and error learning which is a great way to help children solve problems and there were plenty of opportunities for repeat play which helps to consolidate learning. Most of our testers were keen to return to the games and clearly felt a real sense of achievement when they successfully spelt a word, identified a shape, finished colouring a picture etc.

Skills developed

– Encourages trial and error learning

– Promotes problem solving

– Encourages children to concentrate