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Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures – Travel Set


The series of books brought to you by Plane Characters follow Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly through their flights and amazing adventures.

Age: 6 – 8 years

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An exciting new series of children’s books by self published author and commercial pilot, Robert Johnson. With a wide variety of characters and adventures, these beautifully illustrated children’s story books will excite and educate young minds.

The stories introduce famous sights from around the world, different weathers, flags and also international foods and cultures.

8 books in total as listed below:

Pilot Ollie’s Amazing Adventures – Rome
Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures – Madrid
Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s – Guide to the Airport
Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s Come Fly With Us
Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures – Lapland
Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures – London
Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures – New York
Pilot Ollie’s Amazing Adventures – Paris

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Dimensions 210 × 148 × 13 mm

What our testers said

“Mummy did you know the fuel goes in the wings?” – Boy, aged 6

“Where is the plane flying to? It’s going all the way over there [points to the map].” (He then traced a line showing the plane journey on the map.) – Boy, aged 4

What our experts think

The children were excited to get stuck into reading these books as the colour illustrations were simple, bright and clear. The children had lots of questions about the different countries the plane was flying to and about the aircraft itself. They really engaged with the books and we didn’t just read them once but several times.

Our testers were also impressed with how much detail there was in each book about the plane and what the pilot does. The length of each book is a good length and challenged them when they read parts by themselves which is great to see and children were able to recognise the procedures like having bags x-rayed and getting on and off the plane.

The children loved following the flags throughout the book and tracing each journey on the map.

Skills developed