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Pixicade Quest


Pixicade Quest is a video game creation kit that enables children to create all the elements of a game quest (such as an avatar, game goals, and hazards) on paper, then bring the game to life in the Pixicade Quest mobile app.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Pixicade Quest is revolutionary technology that allows people 8+ with assistance and 10+ by themselves to draw, design, develop, and play their own multi-level video games and then share them with others with a link via email or in the Pixicade Arcade. Quest encourages using your imagination for multi-level video game creation! Each easy-to-use STEAM kit contains 2 QR codes to access the app, great game design stickers, magnificent map making stickers, 5 vibrant washable markers, and 4 exciting books that teach game & Quest design concepts. The educational books have over 100 examples, 45 activities, 40 drawing pages, and 20 world map examples. Innovative Quest features include the Mapmaker, 7 game types, exciting new power ups, story tellers, items, and boss battles. Quest features allow for creativity & critical thinking while designing awesome adventures. Kids make games on paper, but play on their smart devices and problem solve in the app. Game designers draw their game levels on paper, snap a picture in the Pixicade Quest app, connect their levels in the app, and then play their game on a handheld device. By viewing and playing other players games in the Pixicade Arcade, creators can learn
from each other and be inspired. For the first time with Pixicade Quest, budding game designers can do rapid prototyping, experiment with game ideas, get hands on experience and confidence in making their own games, and gain sequential reasoning skills. This unique play pattern is educational & entertaining! Pixicade Quest, is gender neutral and empowers game players to be creators, designers, & storytellers.

What our testers said

“Look, thats’ me in the game! I’m going to collect all the stars” – Girl aged 8

“I’m going to make a game with ladders to climb up to the top level” – Boy aged 10

What our experts think

Our testers loved learning the art of creating their unique Pixicade game-quests. The mobile app uses their hand-drawn environments, characters, goals, hazards, and moving objects to generate an interactive game. They were enthusiastic through the tutorial, design, creation, editing, and play stages. The children wanted to share their games with friends and family, design games in teams, and then elevate the goals and perils with each new adventure quest. Children have complete creative control to imagine, design, edit, and play their quests. This amazing STEAM product combines technology with arts in a truly unique and exciting way. Pixicade Quest develops design and technology skills; logic, strategy, and problem solving; and creativity.

Skills developed

– Inspires creativity

– Supports design and technology

– Encourages logic, strategy, and problem solving