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Quickbuild F-35B Lightning II


An early introduction to Airfix models for children. A brick based fighter jet building kit without the need for glue or paint.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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Airfix QUICKBUILD is excited to present the F-35B Lightning II the most advanced aircraft to take to the air. This F-35B variant, has a lift fan mounted behind the cockpit giving the jet short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) capabilities, meaning it can hover like a Harrier.

What our testers said

“There’s different modes. You can have the wheels on, or leave them off.” – Boy aged 11

“Oh no, the plane has taken a hit! Back left wing damaged!” – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

Our testers were very keen to build the model of this fighter aircraft, following the instructions carefully and getting more and more excited as the plane began to take shape. They focused on what they were doing and were really determined to finish the model even when they hit difficulties. Some stages of the build were tricky for little fingers, but with perseverance and a little assistance from grown ups with stronger hands, the models were completed. The children were impressed with how the finished model looked and liked the fact that it can be displayed on a stand if you remove the wheels from the undercarriage. Their engagement continued long after the models were built; some children deciding to have an air battle with them. As children flew them around in the air they were really animated and immersed in their play which is great for their imagination and storytelling skills.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skills

– Inspires imaginative play

– Encourages children to follow instructions

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