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Shape Bags


The Shape Bags are of lovely quality and are a great way to encourage children to become familiar with 2D and 3D shapes through tactile exploration.




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Ages 3-6 years

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A versatile resource for introducing 2D and 3D geometric shapes. Includes Shape Bag with assorted foam shapes, labels and a useful activity sheet.

What our testers said

“It’s a triangle. But on every part. What is it?” – Boy aged 4.

“I can feel something round, maybe it’s a circle?” – Girl aged 3.

What our experts think

We love that the shapes are made of colourful foam, as this encourages children to play with them. Our testers had lots of fun doing this!

The Shape Bags provide an opportunity for children to practise their language skills by describing the names, colours, and properties of each shape. They are also encouraged to compare the shapes through games, such as guessing what’s in the bag. This teaches children how to categorise shapes by sides, corners, and faces as well as supports logical development. The range of shapes means that children can continue to learn new shapes and properties as they master the simpler shapes.

The word search sheet also helped to extend children’s learning, by teaching them the spelling of the words. We liked that labels for the shapes were included too, allowing children to attach the names to the foam shapes. Everything tidies away into the bag for easy storage afterwards.

Skills developed

– Teaches children about 2D and 3D shapes

– Builds mathematical vocabulary

– Promotes matching and pairing skills